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How long have you been playing? = Three years
Sport?    = Volleyball
What is your favourite thing about it?  =  Volleyball has always been a favourite sport of mine.  I enjoy practicing and being on the court with my teammates and coaches in tournaments.  I love the challenge of the sport and improving my skills, especially in hitting and digging balls.  I can now jump serve and am learning new rotations on the court every week.  It is so exciting to work as a team and make the perfect passes and plays and seeing everyone get better each week.
How often do you travel for this sport?  =  I travel 2-3 times per month on Saturdays for day long tournaments.   
How many days do you attend practice?  = I practice 3 days a week.
How long are the practices?  = 2 hrs per practice, with extra court time if its available.
What are the months of the season?  = September - May
Favourite Other Sport? = Soccer