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How long have you been playing Squash? I have been playing Squash, Soccer, Tumbling, Skiing and Swimming since I was 3.

What is your favourite thing about it? Favourite thing about squash is that its an individual sport; my success is based on my effort, my control- but so are my losses.  It’s a fast paced game and a lot of fun on a court too!  I love squash tournaments as there are constant games, and the friends I have made from all over Ontario are amazing.  I have met girls that I know I will play squash with when I go to university.  Squash clubs also have a great family feeling, you are always welcome somewhere if you can play! 

How often do you travel for this sport? I am competing in 2 different squash circuits.  The Gary Waite Tour is one Sunday a month in a location from Burlington to Windsor, and the Squash Ontario GrandPrix’s are every 3 weeks (Saturdays) and in the GTA.  In Squash you play in a 2 year age category (I am currently playing U13) so its harder playing against older players for a whole season – but you can learn a lot.

How many days do you attend practice? I practice every Monday and Wednesday (immediately after my soccer practices) for 40 minute sessions.  I also play doubles squash on Sunday for fun with my dad, uncles and sister.

What are the months of the season ?  Squash season is September to April – its an Ontario Winter Games Sport and I hope to try out for a regional spot for the 2019 Ontario Winter Games.

Favourite other sport? Hands Down Tumbling!  I used to cheer – but stuck with tumbling just for “my happy time”.  Once a week on Sundays.  It’s the best.  I would be on a tumble track every day if I could!  Oh!  And I love Skiing.  I ski race all winter on Saturdays at Boler and any night I’m not at soccer or squash you can find me there!