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2019 INFO

The Second Annual - Whitecaps London - OPDL U12 Festival

Games will be Scheduled on July 6,

Each Team plays 2 Games

For OPDL License Holders Only

Deadline to Register is June 1, 2019

Festival Fee is $250

Registration and Payments are here

Tournament Rules are here


Our games will be played at the North London Soccer Complex – Fields 5A and 5B

It is located off 1225 Adelaide Street North the entrance is just opposite Kipps Lane.

For More information Please email Cam Vassallo here


2019 OPDL U12 Festival - Registration Page

Registration Form - Click Here

Festival Registration Payment - $250


        OPDL U12 FESTIVAL      
        Saturday, July 6, 2019      
        London TFC   Whitby Iroquois Yellow  
        Whitecaps London   Whitecaps London  
        SC Toronto   Whitby Iroquois Blue  
        Pickering Power   Tecumseh  
        Richmond Hill   Cambridge  
        Brampton SC      
  7:45 AM F5A BOYS London TFC   Whitecaps London  
  9:30 AM F5A BOYS Whitecaps London   SC Toronto  
  9:30 AM F5B BOYS Cambridge   London TFC  
  11:15 AM F5A BOYS SC Toronto   Pickering Power  
  11:15 AM F5B BOYS Brampton SC   Cambridge  
  12:30 PM F5B GIRLS Whitby Iroquois Yellow   Whitecaps London  
  1:00 PM F5A BOYS Richmond Hill   Brampton SC  
  2:15 PM F5B GIRLS Cambridge   Whitby Iroquois Yellow  
  2:45 PM F5A BOYS Pickering Power   Richmond Hill  
  4:00 PM F5A GIRLS Whitecaps London   Whitby Iroquois Blue  
  4:00 PM F5B GIRLS Tecumseh   Cambridge  
  5:45 PM F5A GIRLS Whitby Iroquois Blue   Tecumseh  

2019 RULES

OPDL U12 Festival – July 6-7, 2018 – North London Fields – London Ontario



Team Officials

  1. A maximum of four (4) carded officials shall be permitted to sit on the bench.
  2. All Team Officials must be registered with their District Association and their current valid OS ID must be presented to the opposing coach and referee before the start of the game. If the current valid OS ID’s are not available, the Official(s) Name will not be entered on the game sheet and the official(s) will not be allowed to sit on the player bench. A Team Official arriving late will be allowed to sit on player’s bench upon presentation of their current valid OS ID to the opposing coach and referee and name entered and signed on game sheet. A team official is deemed to have attended a game where their name is printed and signed on the game sheet.
  3. “Team Official” shall mean Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or Assistant Manager who will be registered and carded by district association.

Team Responsibility  

  1. Anyone on the bench entering the field of play without consent of the Match Official during an altercation will be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. Team officials will coach within one meter of their bench and are not permitted to walk up and down the sideline or obstruct and/or obscure the view of the assistant referee.
  3. A team must field at least seven (7) registered players for a game.
  4. Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, officials, and spectators on and off the field of play during a game.
  5. A maximum of sixteen (16) registered players may sit on the bench. All players entered on the game sheet, are deemed to have played.
  6. Any Coach and/or team official withdrawing a Team from a game will be subject to disciplinary action.


  1. All players shall wear regulation soccer equipment as outlined by FIFA and OS Rules.
  2. The away team shall change to an alternate strip or pinnies if team colors conflict.
  3. Goalkeepers’ uniforms must not conflict with that of the game officials or opposing team.

     Game Information

  1. The match official will endeavor to start each game at the scheduled time designated by the Festival Schedule.
  2. All Games are 9 v 9.
  3. The length of games will be two (2) thirty-five (35) minute halves.
  4. Official game sheets must be completed by the teams in full and given to the Referee fifteen (15) minutes prior to kick-off.   
  5. All players and team officials must be identified on the game sheet. All names and OS registrant numbers must always be legible .
  6. Only players listed on the game sheet are eligible to play and all are deemed to have played. A team official(s) must sign all team sheets; the signature shall verify the eligibility of players on his team.
  7. Players are not required to sign the game sheet.
  8. Player substitution shall be permitted with the consent of the referee during any stoppage of play.
  9. All Substitutions must enter & exit the field at the halfway line.                     
  10. All substituted players must leave the field without delay.
  11. When the ball crosses the touchline, the restart will be a throw-in.
  12. On a restart on a goal kick and full possession of the ball by the goalkeeper will implement the retreat line at 1/3 of the field.
  13. The offside rule will be in force.
  14. The game ball must be a size 4 or a size 5 light. 


Disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with the OS Published Rules.


         Minimum 15 minutes before first game.


         North London Sports Fields – 1225 Adelaide Street, London, Ontario