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Whitecaps London currently provides Grassroots Education through our District, OSA courses and OSA Resources made available to our Coaches.

Our Technical Director Mike Ayyash is a certified Learning Facilitator awaiting approval from OSA to run community courses for grassroots coaches. We also provide in-house education for our coaches through coaching clinics and seminars.



All Whitecaps London Coaches are required to familiarize themselves with the following Ontario Soccer Documentation which can be found on our website here


Development Matrices

Recreational Matrix (U4-U12)

Development Matrix (U8-U12)

Recreational Matrix - Indoor (U4-U12)

Development Matrix - Indoor (U8-U12)


Coaches Guides

Game Organization Guide

Field Organization Guide

Festival Guide

How does the Inclusive Programming Model work at your soccer club?

Incorporating Physical Literacy in our Practices


Grassroots Curriculum

Active Start U4-U6 (Brochure)

FUNdamentals U6-U8/9 (Brochure)

Learn to Train U8/9-U11/12 (Brochure)

Active Start Workbook and Practice Plan

FUNdamentals Workbook and Practice Plan

Active Start U4-U6 (Curriculum)

FUNdamentals U6-U8/9 (Curriculum)

Learn to Train U8/9-U11/12 (Curriculum)

Complete Grassroots Curriculum U4-U12 (26 MB)

Learn to Train Workbook and Practice Plan


Retreat Line

Retreat Line Presentation

Retreat Line 1-page Summary