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How long have you been playing? : I have been playing competitive hockey for 10 years – I have played both AA and AAA for the Junior London Knights and the Elgin Middlesex Chief`s.

What is your favourite thing about it? : My favourite thing is the friends I have made over the years and I love the speed of this game.

How often do you travel for this sport? : There are usually 1-2 games per week and 4-5 weekend tournaments throughout the season.

How many days do you attend practice? : There are 2- 3 practices  2 hours each, per week             

How long are the practices? : Hockey tryouts start in April and the season runs from late August to the end of March, depending on how well the team does that year.          

Favourite Other Sport? : I also plays high school football at Saint AndrÉ Bessette and was the quarterback of the junior team this year that went to the city finals.