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2022 Schedule and Standings

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2022 RULES



2022 Shine the Light Girls Soccer Tournament – Hosted by Whitecaps London




  1. Laws of the Game:

All tournament matches will be played in accordance with FIFA laws of the game accept as modified herein. All decisions by the Tournament Director are final.


Coaches, Match Officials, Medical staff or tournament officials must remove from play an athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion during practice or a game. Once a coach, match official, medical staff or tournament official remove an athlete from a game the decision cannot be overturned. Once the athlete is removed from play for symptoms of a concussion the player, is not permitted to return to play until he or she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider and received written clearance, signed by the physician or licensed health care provider. This written clearance must be submitted to, and approved by, a tournament director before the athlete is permitted to return to play.

All Club Soccer teams must be in good standing with their associations.

Player Equipment:

Teams should bring a primary and alternate jersey of different colours. Where the colour of the jersey is similar or identical, the designated home team (the team listed first in the schedule) will change


All players must have uniforms with individual numbers on the jersey. No duplicated numbers.

No jewellery may be worn by any player (earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.)

Players wearing casts are allowed to play as per Canada Soccer cast policy and approval of the Match Official.

Shin guards are mandatory and must be worn at all times by all players.

All Match Official decisions are final regarding player equipment. j. 9. Substitutions:

Substitutions are unlimited, but may be made only at the following restarts with the match officials permission….See below…

Throw-In: For the team in possession. The opposing team may also substitute if and only if

the team in possession of the throw-in wishes to substitute.

Goal Kick: For either team. iii. Kick-Off: For either team.

When the match official chooses to prevent play from restarting quickly because of player misconduct: For either team, except for a player shown the red card.

When the match official chooses to prevent play from restarting quickly because of one or more player injuries: For either team.

Player/Coach/Spectator Behaviour

Any player ejected from a match will NOT be replaced and will NOT be allowed to participate in his or her team’s immediate next match. Ejection for fighting by players and coaches will result in the player or coach NOT being allowed to participate in ANY remaining tournament matches.

Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed to coach his/her immediate next match. Each Coach is responsible for the conduct of the players and parents on his/her team. Coaches not taking

responsibility for their sideline’s behaviour may be cautioned and/or ejected. Any player or coach ejected or spectator asked to leave will not be within vicinity of the playing field.

Per FIFA rules, only players will be shown a card (yellow or red) when being cautioned or sent-off. Two yellow cards in the same match equal an ejection and the player will sit out his/her next immediate match.

Home/Team Field Positions

The Home team is listed first in the schedule. The Home team will change

jerseys if there is a conflict. Each team’s players will take a position on one side of the field opposite the

spectators. It is requested that all teams trash be picked up after the game and discarded accordingly

Game Balls

The tournament provides the official game ball(s). Halftime will be 5 minutes.

Half Duration

U13 and U14 = 2x 30 minute halfs

U15, U17 and U21 are 2 x 35 min halfs

The official clock will NOT stop for any reason unless in the judgment of the match official:

Removing an injured player from the field would endanger the physical well-being of the player, or:

Any game shortened due to injury will be continued at the sole discretion of the Tournament Director

Two (2) points will be earned for a win, one (1) point will be earned for a tie and no points are

earned for a loss.

Tie games after a semi-final match will immediately proceed to FIFA penalty kicks to determine a winner (no overtime).

Final Matches resulting in a tie will proceed to two full ten-minute overtimes. If at the end of both overtimes the game is still tied, FIFA penalty kicks will be taken to determine a winner.

Where required to break a tie for standings within a division, or for purposes of determining a “wildcard” team, the following order will be used to determine the winner: (Note: If a wild card team

MUST be selected for the playoff rounds, that team will not be assigned to play against the winner of

Its own group in the first playoff round)

  1. Goal difference: Total of the net score for each tournament game. Net score of each game = total goals scored minus the total goals scored against, with a maximum differential of 4 goals per game Least number of goals allowed.
  2. FIFA penalty kicks. If necessary, these penalty kicks will take place immediately prior to the semifinal or championship match. (The penalty kicks must be taken by players that are on the field at the end of regulation).


A forfeit shall be awarded if a team is not present and prepared to play within ten minutes of the

scheduled commencement time. The ten-minute allowance shall be made for semi-final and championship matches. Any team forfeiting a match will not be allowed to play in a semi-final or championship match.

It is requested that teams be present 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled commencement of a match to aid in the timely start of play. Seven players constitute a team for full 18 player rosters.

A forfeit will be scored one for the winner, and zero for the forfeiting team.

Inclement Weather

Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear at their respective field site, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.

Only the Tournament Director may cancel or postpone a match. Match officials may suspend a match only. In case of severe weather, in his/her discretion, Tournament Director(s) may cancel any and all games.

In case of severe weather that occurs after the beginning of play, the Tournament Director may reduce the length of the match and may discontinue or cancel the game. Should a match be terminated due to weather conditions after 20 minutes of play, the match will be considered official and the score at the time will stand.

If a match is terminated prior to 20 minutes of play, every attempt will be made to complete the match. However, if necessary other means, determined by the tournament committee, may be used to determine a winner.

Match officials and field marshals will not consider beginning or continuing matches when a lightning and/or Thunder exists as per Canada Soccer Inclement weather policy.


constitutes agreement with these rules and this paragraph.

Disclaimer: Neither the Tournament Committee, Shine the Light, Whitecaps London Soccer Club, Hotel Service, or the Tournament Sponsors are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team should the tournament be cancelled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, nor will any refunds be made. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. The Tournament Director has authority to make all decisions and these decisions will be final. All match officials  decisions are final and binding.

Team Contact Information

Each team, upon checking in at registration, must sign a ledger sheet giving the hotel where the team is staying, a team contact, the team’s coach or the team’s assistant coach so that these individuals may be contacted in the event that circumstances require such. Be sure your team contact is someone who can be reached at any hour and has a cell phone.

All questions for the Tournament Committee should be from the Team Contact/Coach and not numerous parents from the team as this only delays response.

Important Notes:

Have all player books/cards, official roster, and medical release forms with you at the fields during the

tournament. Although only checked at registration, the tournament committee reserves the right to

check credentials during the event.

All Club Soccer teams must have player cards and official roster and be in good standing.

The tournament is dedicated to the development of all the players participating, good sportsmanship,

and the “good of the game”. The Tournament Director may suspend, without recourse or appeal, any

players, coaches, or spectators who demonstrate anything less.



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Tournament Name - Shine the Light Girls Soccer Tournament – Hosted by Whitecaps London

Important Dates

Tournament Dates: June 10-12, 2022

Application deadline: May 16, 2022

Tournament Competition dates: June 10*, 11 and 12, 2022 (Sat and Sun) (* = If required)

Online Registration Opens February 10th  and deadline is May 16th , 2022 midnight.

Teams needing early acceptance for flight and/or travel plans should request such to All efforts will be made to reply ASAP.

Application Procedures

Teams desiring to attend the Shine the Light Whitecaps Soccer Tournament should complete and submit the online application. The Application MUST be submitted online. ATF and Rosters must be emailed to: the day of application submission.  Subject place name of team and age bracket.

General Information & Online Registration

FEES: $625.00

Online Registration Opens February 5th  and deadline is May 16th , 2022 midnight.

The tournament makes every effort to accommodate teams’ coaching conflicts – Please ensure you indicate this in your application (team has same coach as ...).

Very Important: We will not seed teams in this inaugural year of Shine the Light Soccer Tournament.

Age Groups & Competition Levels

Depending on the amount of interest the tournament will be two to three days.

Girls Only Tournament

Dates will be June 10, 11, and 12.  The 10th is optional depending on the amount of teams.

Minimum THREE games first round robin format. (More details below)

u13, u14, u15, u 17, u21 may enter with a maximum of 22 players. Only 18 can be on the bench dressed at any time.

Teams must submit proof of affiliation and permission to travel (if applicable). Each team must be registered with a Canada Soccer/Ontario Soccer/District or USA equivalent Roster and must present a valid roster. CURRENT, DULY AUTHORIZED MEMBER PASSES, MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS AND OFFICIAL APPROVED ROSTERS are required for all players participating in the tournament. Non Canadian Teams consult the Rules. All Team Officials must have Valid Member Passes.


Team awards will be presented to champions and finalists for all levels of competition.

Hotel Accommodations

Teams participating in the Tournament ARE NOT REQUIRED to make all hotel accommodations suggestions. We have negotiated with all tournament hotels to have a no-penalty charge if the event is cancelled on Thursday prior to the event due to weather etc.

Contact/Other Information

Team Officials may contact us at e-mail with questions and you will be promptly answered.


Fields are dynamic - they can and do change. The Tournament utilizes the finest fields in London and surrounding areas. Listed below are the field complexes for which we hold permits for the event.

Field Location

North London Soccer Fields

The Tournament reserves the right to change field locations.


Neither the Tournament Committee, Shine the Light organization, Whitecaps London Soccer Club, Hotel Service, nor the Tournament Sponsors are responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is cancelled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or cancelled due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions, nor will any refunds be made.

The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament. The judgment of the Tournament Committee is final. The Tournament Director has authority to make all decisions and these decisions will be final. All referee decisions are final and binding.

Other Information

If you have a question that cannot be answered by the above, please do not hesitate to contact us at . Thank you for your support of the Shine the Light Girls Soccer Tournament.

We look forward to hosting your team/club and a successful tournament.

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Our All – Our Honour